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For those who are struggling to understand how to use their digital SLR (DSLR) in modes other than Auto, help has arrived.

Digital SLR Photography Demystified introduces the reader to the controls on their camera, using a generic DSLR model. Real photographic exercises are included along the way to reinforce concepts. At the back of the book, a Quick Solution Guide, a Glossary of Terms and a comprehensive Index can be found.

Apart from the basic concepts of exposure, shutters and depth of field, lenses and sensors are also covered. Composition and lighting tips as well as panoramics, night photography and HDR complete this easy-to-read volume.

Written with both beginner and advanced amateur in mind, and attractively priced, this book can be purchased on By mid-2014, and Barnes & Noble will also carry it under the ISBN 978-1-312-03258-3.

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